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2013-04-13: Electro Vaudeville Festival

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Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Electro Vaudeville Festival has opted this year to include us in their exciting line-up of acts blending something old with a little something new, a gig so exciting… we’re breaking our “one show a month” rule. (Hey, it’s more of a guideline…) This year’s acts come from as far afield as Germany and Italy and as near as Seattle and Nanaimo, and as we can report from their pre-festival show a couple of weeks ago, they put an emphasis on dressing up and dancing! That makes it… a very nice crowd to play to, and overall a great scene to be amongst!

We open the second night at the Grandview Legion Hall (2205 Commercial Drive, upstairs), slated to begin playing around 8 pm. The fest overall runs two nights and one afternoon with a smashing lineup — $25 Friday night (17+), $28 Saturday day (all ages) and $35 Saturday night (17+), and we highly endorse… all of it!

2012-11-02: So You Wanna Be A Ukulele Pop Star part II

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Inasmuch as our ensemble can practically be defined as a wildlife preserve for underdog instruments — all the axes which might be told at some point, “No, we don’t want any (x) in our band” — it brings us great pleasure to take our ukuleles to the table at this ongoing series… and burden them with the drag factor of the rest of our sonic freakshow.

Also featuring performances from Corinne Mundell, Jen Charters, Martin Lunatech, Steven Drake, plus our own Devon 8 and the band Blackberry Wood! One night only, at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive).

2012-04-07: Big Screen Barrelhouse II

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Nearly three years after our stint at the first installment of this series, the Rio Theatre (1660 E. Broadway at Commercial Drive) swings back into action with another night of East Van bands playing its stage, this time all providing soundtracks to silent film screenings behind them. All the major players are back from last time, plus more more more!

Instead of working in tandem with the magic of Dr. T as we did before, this time we’ll be doing music and foley for a black and white animated classic on the theme of responsible libation, which will this time be possible at the Rio! Your $10 (in advance from brownpapertickets, $12 at the door) doesn’t just get you these filmic interpretations from some of East Van’s most delightfully twisted musical minds, but also an electro-swing dance party at the end!


Depending on how things go, we may have to get together an expanded set to allow us to provide soundtrack to a whole film festival at some point! And speaking of how things went, congrats to the Lunchgroup Heavy Industries’ raising of over $1100 at last week’s fundraiser show.

Bonus! For your enjoyment, a picture-in-picture presentation of the Creaking Planks providing a soundtrack and foley effects for the 1928 Felix the Cat short Woos Whoopee, performed at this event to great acclaim.

We sure are an animated bunch!

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In celebration of our Jaan Pehechaan Ho video breaking 15 thousand views (and the Heineken campaign fuelling its accidental virality showing no sign of slowing), here’s a low-fi video — an animated .GIF made out of snapshots virtuous band photographer Jonathan Dy took of us the same night as that viral video was made, three-quarters of a year ago. We have listened to the masses, tightened up our arrangement, and even learned the words to the second verse! There’s a round of recording coming up and this tune is definitely on our hit list.

(Haven’t you always wanted to have a little band in your desk, to take out and put on the shelf to caper and cavort for your amusement at the drop of a hat? I’m of half a mind to violate every design tenet on the book (where’s my blink tag?) and put this little animation on the top of our website, for viewers to enjoy on every page.)

Two items of further note: we missed telling you about a gig we played Tues, Jan 31st, fundraising for the Federation for the Organization of Open Desire at the Little Mountain Gallery (where we’ll be back Thurs March 1st presenting you a re-match with Portland’s Underscore Orkestra — but I get ahead of myself) and this Saturday night, Feb 18th, we’ll be joining Blackberry Wood at the Big Blue House again for another jam-packed album fundraiser show there, shuffled among such luminaries as Geoff Berner, Carolyn Mark, and the Orkestar Slivovica. Just keep your ears open as you walk along Salisbury Street, there’s no way you’ll miss it.

2011-12-02: at the Big Blue House

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2011-12-02 - BigBlueHousePosterDec2nd2011

Friday night, Dec 2nd, we’re heading out to the Big Blue House (1624 Salisbury) to help an intimate private residence groove and gyrate to the vibrations only a dedicated crew of folk music misfits can coax out of their infernal contraptions. Also on the bill, we’re crossing paths with Tarran the Tailor again, plus ESL, the Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts puppet show, and our friends in Blackberry Wood, singlehandedly buoying up RIM stock this quarter with their infectious energy!