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2015-08-08: Eleven 88 Howe’s Party

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If you live at 1188 Howe Street, you probably already know that your place of residence is presenting a block party this coming Saturday. If you live in the West End, you may not have known but this information may be of interest to you. If you don’t live in the West End but could use an excuse to visit that lovable, walkable, urbanly dense neighbourhood, this could be just what you’ve been waiting for!


The festivities are divided up between four stages and other ancillary sites offering discounts and freebies. They’re trying to bring about a Mr. Rogersian feeling of downright neighbourliness!


As for the performances, well, there are a bucketload! Throughout the event’s runtime from 2-8 pm there are a pile of solo performers and small acts bouncing between the small acoustic outdoor stages and the amplified mainstage. The Mint Juleps, Monkeybar, Cowjazz Billionaires, Derek Nyberg, Julia Spitale and Shera Kelly, John Cullen, Jonny Paul, Johnny Scoop, Jordan Lyric, David Shurvell, Anni deGroot, Bad Oldesloe… AND MORE! To that list you can add not only the Creaking Planks, but also our mandolinist Daisy Jones-Locher (with Ludwika LePearl on cello) and Blackbox Squeezebeard (with his new beard the squeeziest it’s been in some five years!) performing solo sets sometime within our compressed timeframe of 3-6 pm. There might be multiples! We, uh, we don’t know yet when or where we’ll be playing, but will update this page when it’s finally confirmed.


The poster is by polyglot Jordan Lyric, who in addition to appearing on the bill also appeared in this very blog seven years ago (his comic strip appears at the very bottom).

In case we don’t manage to get the site updated in time to be useful, for breaking news and last-minute details you can check out the Facebook event for the block party. Cheers!

(PS, thanks to the Bike Smut people for having us back for a zany intersection from even further back than Jordan’s, opening on short notice for the July 23rd screening at the Rio! It was, well, it was really what it was.)

2015-05-02: May Day Info Fair at Grandview Park!

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mayday 1

In an anarchic display of spontaneous unfolding, we have been engaged to perform at a free open-air info fair from 1-4 pm at Commercial Drive’s Grandview Park Saturday, May 2nd, in celebration of the international workers’ holiday the day before. Hosted by Audrey Siegl, the bill should include the fabulous Carnival Band, Gross Domestic Product, and voices in harmony from the Left Coast Labour Chorus and the Solidarity Notes Labour Choir.

mayday 2

2015-04-17: CFRO Co-Op Radio’s 40th Birthday party at the WISE Hall!

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coop 40th

Our band has only just turned 10, but CFRO Co-op Community Radio, parent station to our kindred spirits at Accordion Noir, turns 40 this year! It’s been, uh, quite a while since they last had a party, so they’ve pulled out all the stops with a bevy of special guests curated by all the stations’ programs, all building up to… a headlining set by the jug band of the damned (that’s us), beginning at midnight sharp!

The party goes down at the WISE Hall (1882 Adanac Street at Victoria), also features a set by Purple Soul (and a variety show segment featuring, well, a cast of thousands), and begins with a mixer at 7 pm — performances at 8:30. (Do you think there will be a DJ? There will probably be 50 of them!)

Advance tickets for station members are $10, available at Highlife, Red Cat Records, at The Wise Hall & Lounge, online, and of course at the radio station. (Prices will increase a little at the door, and a little more for non-members.)

If you need more convincing, here’s an official PSA made by the station in which we are described as a “dorkestra”. (This is why you generally try to provide your own promotional copy.) Just make sure they spell our name right!

2015-04-10: Gypsy Spring at the Waldorf!

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gypsy spring

I know, it’s strange — no one designs posters anymore, just Facebook event headers.

Due to a medical emergency, the Planks’ set at last month’s Balkan Beats party on March 6th was postponed. The good news is that we’re all tip-top now and ready to return to the stage for a distinctly Royshiker Krokves set (think Old Country and European points further East) at the next of their parties at the Waldorf (1489 E. Hastings.) Also on the bill: Adam Shaikh and the Burinata Duo, plus visuals by VJ Simon Kinotropy! The show starts at 10 pm, $15 at the door!

2015-03-25: at Skinny Fat Jack’s

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Next Wednesday night — one week from tonight! — a small but tight and dedicated cadre of Creaking Planks will be taking to the Very Small Stage at Skinny Fat Jack’s, around the back alley entrance of 3475 Main St., to play a few sets of their committed musical strangeness. The action starts around 8 pm and will run probably about as late as the neighbourhood will allow. Admission by donation, but suggested donation $10 — and don’t miss out on the sweet opportunity to pick up a dashing Creaking Planks t-shirt at a discounted live-music-fan price!

And don’t forget you can double your pleasure with dinner and drinks at Slickity Jim’s Chat & Chew around front before the show!


Thanks to Mike Chow for providing the swell photograph we so ham-handedly bowdlerized!